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In Memoriam Greg Etue  


Dear Carol Anne and family

My deepest condolences to you and your family at this time of tragedy. My thoughts and prayers remain with you. May you find strength in your family and friends and be blessed by the comfort of the memories that you share.

 Jean Bedard president Missing Children and Adults Association..

Greg Etue, the husband of CTV Ottawa anchor Carol Anne Meehan (seen here at the Pembroke Waterfront in September, 2011) was found dead in the Township of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan near Killaloe. He had been missing since Jan. 16. Picture from The Daily Observer Ottawa

In Memoriam Greg Etue

Book of Condolences

Ashley Fraser for The Ottawa Citizen

Picture from National Post



In Memoriam Joel Richard Quenneville



In Memoriam Cst: John Robert Davey



On September 6th, 1892 while attempting to arrest an armed drifter, Special Constable John Davey was shot in the chest at point blank range. John Davey was on foot patrol at the Grand Trunk Railway yards in Cornwall, Ontario. The Circus was in town. Also in town was a former resident turned highwayman James Slavin, who was out to extract revenge on anyone who got in his way; shortly before noon he found a few willing combatants in two local toughs, John "Black Diamond" Roach and Antoine Lafess. Two shots rang out, Roach and Lafess were wounded, the crowd screamed and Constable Davey, along with a Good Samaritan Louis Lafave ran to investigate. Davey intercepted the fleeing shooter knocking him down. Lafave grabbed the drifter from behind and was shot in the shoulder. As Constable John Davey pounced to control the shooter, he was fatally shot dying within seconds.




John Robert Davey was born in Cornwall on April 27th of 1845. He was the son of Barnard and Catherine and had 8 siblings. He was a Captain in the 59th Stormont Dundas Militia Unit and a Major in the Militia Band. John owned and operated his own Leather and Harness shop across the road from the police station. He was 47 years of age, married with three children Charles, James and Frank. He had been sworn in as a Constable with the Cornwall Police in August of 1892.

Cornwall Community Police Service Sgt. Tom Racine holds a picture of Const. John Davey, who is Cornwall's only police officer killed in the line of duty. He was killed in Cornwall in 1892.

Thank to Sergeant Thom Racine  RACINE, Cornwall Community Police Service.

MCAA- Victim Services Directory

The Victim Services Directory (VSD) has bee created by the Policy Centre for Victime Issues of the Departement of Justice Canada to help service providers, victims and individuals locate services for victims of crime across Canada.


L'Association des Enfants et Adultes Disparus pround to joint Victim Services Directory.

Close to $1,000 raised

Over the course of five days, a total of $926.50 was raised to support the Missing Children Adults Association. Pictured from left to right are Jean Bédard - President (L’Association des Enfants et Adultes Disparus Corporation / Missing Children Adults Association), Wendy Lapierre – (Gift Card Winner) and Chris Savard – (General Manager, Cornwall Square)

Jun. 8, 2011 - From May 24th to May 28th, volunteers from the Missing Children Adults Association (MCAA) were present at the top of the escalator at Cornwall Square. The purpose of their visit was to promote awareness of their association and to raise funds at the same time.

Over the course of the five days, a total of $926.50 was raised to support the association. As part of their display, MCAA had a draw for a number of prizes. Wendy Lapierre was the winner of a $25.00 Cornwall Square Gift Card.

MCAA-AEAD is member America's System Missing Broadcast Emergency Response, Amber News Service, Inc, Amber Alert Canada, Code Amber, Amber Alert (Quebec) Sûreté of Quebec, Ambert Alert Police Services Montreal (SPVM).


Missing Children Adults Association


MCAA-AEAD is member America's System Missing Broadcast Emergency Response, Amber News Service, Inc, Amber Alert Canada, Code Amber, Amber Alert (Quebec) Sûreté of Quebec, Ambert Alert Police Services Montreal (SPVM)

  Missing Children and Adults Association

Amber Alert

In 1996, the brutal kidnapping and murder of 9 year old Amber Hagerman, caused her community of Arlington Texas to come together and create the AMBER (America's Missing Broadcast Emergency Response) program with the intent of preventing such incidents from occurring in the future and to increase the safety of children in the community.

The Ontario AMBER Alert Program is a voluntary cooperative plan between the Ontario Association of Broadcasters, law enforcement agencies, and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. The program is used to alert the public in child abduction cases where police believe the child is in danger of bodily harm or death.

Royal Canadien Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Ontario Provincial Police facilitate the program within the province. The OPP provide media outlets with critical information concerning a confirmed child abduction which could assist in locating the child. The program is available to all police agencies in Ontario.

When an AMBER Alert is activated, the police now have thousands of eyes watching for the victim, suspect, or suspect?s vehicle.

Missing Children and Adults Association is member Canadien Missing Broadcast Emergency Response



What is AMBER Alert

Every Province in Canada has an AMBER Alert Program.

In your Province, the AMBER Alert Program is a province wide innovative program which partners the Province's law enforcement community, media broadcasting agencies and the public in location abducted children.

It provides the public with immediate and up-to-date information about a child abduction by widespread media broadcasts and solicits the public's help in the safe and swift return of the child.

AMBER Alert is a comprehensive plan which provides a coordinated and rapid response to child abductions throughout your Province.

It is a voluntary, cooperative program between police services and local broadcasters to send an emergency alert to the public when a child has been abducted and it is believed that his/her life is in grave danger.

An AMBER Alert can only be activated by a specified person who is an authorized user and it is only to be used for a serious child abduction.


  • AMBER Alert may be activated only by the police.
  • AMBER Alert is intended only for the most serious, time critical abduction cases.

Criteria for Activating AMBER Alert

  1. Police have confirmed that an abduction has occurred.
  2. The victim is a child under 18(but may vary dependant of provincial law), also some jurisdiction include if the victim is an adult of proven mental or physical disability.
  3. There is reason to believe the victim is in danger of serious bodily injury.
  4. There is information available that, if disseminated to the general public, could assist in the safe recovery of the victim, (ie: description of suspect's vehicle, lic. plate number, suspect is known).

If the above criteria is not met, the AMBER Alert should not be activated.

Missing François Mantha

Police in association Missing Children and Adults Association are asking the public's help in the search for François Mantha, 30, of Hawkesbury, who was reported missing March 2.

Last seen at his residence February 27, at about 9 a.m., Mantha is 1.83 metes (6 feet) tall, weighing 108 kilograms (238 pounds), with straight brown hair, green eyes, and pierced ears.

His vehicle was later located in Calumet and with the assistance of the Sûreté du Québec canine and helicopter searches were conducted in the area with no results.

If you have any information that could help, contact Hawkesbury Ontario Provincial Police Detective Constable Mario Fedele at (613) 632-2729. For those who want to remain anonymous you may contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Visitors since 2009

Disparue-Missing Marilyn Bergeron




Photo fournie par la famille

(Ontario) Les recherches menées par l"association des enfants et adultes disparus et les parents de Marilyn Bergeron visant à retrouver leur fille disparue depuis plus de 22 mois se sont déplacées dans la ville de l'Est Ontarien au cours de l'année 2011

Tout récemment, le président de l'association des enfants et adultes disparus Jean Bédard a reçu des informations de citoyen qui disait avoir aperçu Marilyn Bergeron à Cornwall ville peuplé de francophones et d'anglophones situé près de la frontière Québec Ontario la police locale à immédiatement été informée:

«Nous allons aussi informer tous les médias locaux de la présence possible de cette jeune femme parmi nous, affirme l'aead. Nous allons aussi diffuser sa photo sur les sites web de l'association publier aussi des aficches. Nous espérons ainsi que si quelqu'un la voit, on nous informera rapidement.»

Marilyn Bergeron est portée disparue de la maison de ses parents à Loretteville depuis le 17 février 2008. Jeunesse au Soleil offre toujours une récompense de 10 000 $ à toute personne qui partagerait des indices permettant de trouver la jeune femme.

Un message de la famille de Marilyn..Si vous pouvez donner votre nom et numéro de téléphone, ceci facilite le travail des policiers, mais sachez que votre démarche peut aussi être strictement confidentielle...Vous pouvez toujours aussi visiter le site

Disparue-Missing Jocelyn Lacroix

A la demande de la famille, L'Association des Enfants et Adultes Disparus Canada affiche l'avis de disparition de cette homme...Il s'appelle Jocelyn Lacroix cheveux long porte une casquette pese environ 135 lb et mesure 5 11.Il porte un gans noir a la main droite suite a un grâve accident.Il est très malade.J'ai toujours été en contact avec lui mais là nous somme vraiment inquièt.Nous pensons qu,il a été tué.La police transmet des imformation a mon beau frère Stéphane Cossette car juste lui parle anglais.Je ne trouve pas normale que personne nous parle en français je suie sa soeur Lucie et moi je n'ai pas information de la disparition?Opp ne dit pas grand chose (TAMMY Ewart) celle qui s'occupe de l,enquête.S.V.P.y'a t-il quelqu'un qui peux m,aider mes parents vivent très mal cette situation.Au plaisir d'avoir enfin des nouvelles.Merci Lucie Lacroix.....

Communiqué avec L'Association des Enfants et Adultes Disparus Inc. par courriel si vous possédez de l'information sur ce dossier au

Disparition Ontario

Aleksander Grzegorz Nowacki

Date de naissance :24 Sept 2010

Disparu le :26 Juil 2011

Disparu de :Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Traits distinctifs Yeux :Blue

Cheveux Light Brown

Taille Poids 4 kg


Alexander Watkins

Date de naissance :7 Juin 2001

Disparu le 9 Mars 2009

Disparu de Newmarket, Ontario,

Traits distinctifs Yeux :Blue Cheveux  Brown

Taille :124 cm

Poids : 32 kg


Amber Potts-Jaffary  Date de naissance :27 Juil 1972

Disparu le : 26 Nov 1988 Disparu de :Etobicoke, Ontario,

Traits distinctifs Yeux : Brown Cheveux : Dark Brown Taille : 168 cm Poids : 59 kg


Cheryl Hanson  Date de naissance :  25 Juil 1966 Disparu le : 30 Mai 1974

Disparu de : Aurora, Ontario,  Traits distinctifs Yeux : Blue Cheveux : Blond

Taille : 122 cm Poids : 23 kg


Christopher Watkins  Date de naissance : 1 Avr 2004 Disparu le : 9 Mars 2009

Disparu de :  Newmarket, Ontario,  Traits distinctifs Yeux : Blue/Green

Cheveux : Brown Taille : 99 cm Poids : 18 kg



Darlene Tucker  Date de naissance : 19 Oct 1966 Disparu le : 1 Juil 1983

Disparu de : Oakville, Ontario, Canada Traits distinctifs

 Scar over right eye, space between front teeth. Yeux : Hazel

Cheveux : Dark Brown Taille : 157 cm Poids : 50 kg


Faye Alsadoon  Date de naissance : 26 Juin 1997 Disparu le : 5 Juil 1999

 Disparu de : Whitby, Ontario, Canada Traits distinctifs Pierced ears Yeux : Brown

 Cheveux : Dark Brown Taille : 76 cm Poids : 11 kg


Felicia Floriani  Date de naissance : 11 Févr 1987 Disparu le : 10 Juin 2002

Disparu de : Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Traits distinctifs lazy left eye  Yeux : Hazel

Cheveux : Light Brown Taille : 163 cm Poids : 61 kg